ADAS Calibration Equipment


Cape Auto recently  installed a brand new ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) calibration system that will allow their Service Technicians  to properly recalibrate the many sensors and cameras on newer cars that drivers rely on to keep them safe. Cape Auto is the first and only independent repair shop in Plymouth to do so. 


Our cars are getting smarter, and that means the technology to repair them needs to keep up. Most newer models have everything from back-up cameras to park assist to blind-spot warnings. Some will even put on the brakes for you if they sense a crash coming. All of those features are “ADAS,” or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and each one works using a variety of sensors and cameras. 



When making a repair to your bumper, windshield, or anywhere else on your vehicle, there’s a high chance that a technician will have to work around those sensors. But if they aren’t reset & calibrated at exactly the correct angle, they can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your ADAS features, putting you and other drivers on the road at risk. 


Calibration is the process of telling your vehicle where it stands in relation to other objects, which you can imagine is of utmost importance if your car’s ADAS has the power to stop you from veering off the road. 


Proper static calibration must be done exactly to the manufacturer’s instructions, and needs to be done in a controlled, level environment where weather or uneven surfaces can’t get in the way. 


Cape Auto’s new calibration room has all of that. While other shops claim to offer calibration, they do not have an interference-free room to do it in (some have done it outdoors), meaning the calibrations could be dangerously off. 



At Cape Auto, we’re here to keep our customers safe, and we’re ready to get with the times. Our cars are not going to get dumber, so we as auto technicians need to keep up with the changing technology. We’ve invested time, education and money so we can offer Plymouth area vehicle owners the best -- and safest -- car repair in town. 


After all, “You’re driving home our reputation.”