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8:00 am – 5:00 pm


RS #510

Service – 53 Samoset St. (Rt. 44)
Collision – 115 Sandwich St.


We Buy Quality Used Cars

Let’s focus on the type of vehicle we would buy.

Before you accept a trade-in offer, speak to an expert. Our service maintenance records paint a true picture of a vehicle’s worth. Consult with us before accepting the Dealer’s Trade-In Offer! We buy quality used cars, and we may give you more $$$ than the proposed trade-in! Explore the CAPE AUTO Option – Who knows the true value of your vehicle better than us? At the very least you will feel more comfortable accepting the new car salesperson’s trade-in offer.

What is the true value of our ride? While acknowledging the key role vehicles play in our lives, we don’t really attempt to put a dollar value on this valuable asset UNTIL someone else tries to. Whether you are trading in “Old Faithful” on a new car, or dealing with an a insurance adjuster telling you it’s worth a lot less than you thought towards a replacement vehicle after an accident. Like anything else you own, a properly maintained vehicle is worth more. Proof of service history, as well as proper documentation of all your vehicles “extras” can result in more value to you in either a trade-in or accident scenario. We archive that history for your car. The Cape Auto Service experience can translate into more $$$ for you.